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What a strange trip it’s been…

Our New Site

Well, here it is folks, our brand new website. Months in the making, we are proud to say that it’s finally up and running and we’re delighted to have it out there for all the world to see. Designing and developing an in-depth site like this is no small task, but then again, what creative endeavor is not. We went through numerous iterations, multiple designs and built and took apart this site many, many times. But we persevered and stuck with it so that now we have a responsive site built with the WordPress CMS, so it will look good on your mobile phone as well as your iPad, or any other tablet device for that matter.

So, what’s new?

1. First and foremost, we’ve made the viewing experience much more visual (we are visual communicators after all) putting more emphasis on the work from our ever-changing portfolio. We’ve tried our best to show you the range of work we do here at 21xdesign. We have always prided ourselves on the diversity of our design and the many ways we have helped our clients arrive at solutions for sometimes very complicated problems. If you take a look at our work notice that we have included suggestions to help you find additional similar work that you might find interesting.

2. We also expanded our case study section which we’ve now called Stories. Here you can read more in depth about specific projects. Knowing more about the background of the project gives you, the viewer, a better understanding of what you are looking at. Our design is not simply about making something look good (although we do that of course and aesthetic is important to us) but it’s really more about solving the issue at hand and using various means to solve those problems.

3. And lastly, you’ll also be able to sign-up for our periodic newsletter where we’ll keep you posted on particular projects we’ve been working on, or offering advice from our many years of experience in the design field. We hope you like the site and we look forward to hearing your thoughts. Of course, if you prefer to comment via social media by all means do so, and while you’re at it follow us on Twitter (if you already haven’t done so) and like us on Facebook.


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