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Responsive video projection

We created responsive video projections, in collaboration with pianist Julia Sheriff, for a series of national piano performances.

Creating generative, responsive video projections for a series of national performances was an exciting challenge for 21xdesign, and gave us the opportunity to work in collaboration with the gifted pianist, Julia Sheriff, and delve deeper into programming languages that enable responsive graphics triggered by audio cues. The bi-coastal performances showcased her formidable talents as a performer. As Julia plays, the audio (in this case, pitch and volume) from her piano, combined with software we configured (MAX MSP) to create generative forms (created in real-time) that are projected onto a large video screen where they became seamless images endlessly morphing and dancing along with her music. These multifaceted shapes are triggered by each note and became a visual accompaniment to each performance. Click on the video above to see samples taken from rehearsals at the Rock Hall Theater, in Philadelphia.

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