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Raising Awareness about Gun Control

When we’re in the trenches with work sometimes it feels like there’s not much time for anything else. We love creating work but we can forget to take a breath and enjoy the fruits of our labor. So in the next few blogs we are going to acknowledge some of the work and our clients that we have collaborated with.

Over the past months we have been thrilled to receive a number of awards for some of our work. We would like to show and tell some of these in the next few blog postings.

Protest posters have always been a tool of expression. They can speak with an anonymous voice, to many. We talked for a while about creating a series of posters on gun control. We started working on that series last year and had no shortage of angles to approach it from. However, when the shooting at the Orlando nightclub shocked the world it gave us the fuel to express an idea that we hoped might say something worthwhile. We have now completed four posters in the series Gun Control?. To date we have released two of these posters. We have been very happy with the response so far and thrilled that both posters have been honored with national and international awards and featured in exhibitions:

Graphis Poster Annual 2018: received a Gold Award Our Sandy Hook poster was awarded a silver

AIGA 2017 Philadelphia Design Awards: Chosen as one of 45 designers to be featured in the exhibition and book

Creative Quarterly 47: Orlando was recognized and selected as one of the top award-winning entries for the fall 2017 issue

How International design Awards 2016: Merit Award. Featured in online exhibit and in the How International Design Annual.

Poster For Tomorrow 2016: Shortlisted top 400 from a total of 5,500 international entries

Creativity International 2016: received the only Platinum award in its category.

We are also adding a link for a very effective website that takes a look at this disturbing phenomenon that continues to occur in this country, on an all too frequent basis.


  1. Great design concepts. You’ve probably never been in the U.S. military. When our flag hangs vertically, the stars should be on the upper left, not right.

    Being on the upper left or right doesn’t take away from your concept, however, when stars are on the upper right, it shows a lack of knowledge.

    • Curtis, thanks for the input. I’m not sure I follow you though. If you approached a flag from one side, it would be on the left, and if approached from the other side, it would be on the right, correct?

    • And thanks for your comments too, of course!

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