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Posters for Beyonder

Flying Nightbear Games

Posters for Beyonder

We were asked to design some promotional material for the Flying Nightbear Games (FNBG) tabletop role-playing game Beyonder. We created a poster outlining all the races covered in the game as well as a map of the world of Tamarra where the game takes place.

Other materials we have created to this point for this product are two books, Beyonder, the Science of the Six & Imbelnhi's Bestiary, websites, book bands, posters, cards, a kickstarter site and mini-games booklets. Beyonder has been awarded a Silver Award by Graphis International Design Annual. The websites have won multiple awards from Horizon Interactive and by Graphis International Design Annual. See the site here:

Visit the Stories section to learn more about the work we do for Flying Nightbear Games.

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