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Lankenau Hospital Video

We’ve always loved films and have been fascinated with the entire process and creativity that goes into creating a film. Now that we’ve created a seven minute short film (in collaboration with the great guys over at Springhouse Films) now more than ever we watch films with an even keener eye. We dissect camera angles, how the film has been lit, how the sound captures the mood and how the art direction moves the narrative along. It’s a ton of work of course. A labour of love really but the end result is so rewarding, especially when viewed full screen or projected on a massive screen, as it was during the films premiere at a gala event held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art recently. It was an amazing event and it was a thrill to a be a part of such an occasion. So, make the video full screen, crank up the volume and sit back. Enjoy. Lankenau Video

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