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Identity: Blueprint (CLI)

We were asked to redesign the Blueprint (CLI) identity while including some of the older elements.

Blueprint for Literacy–Blueprint (CLI) Identity

We began this multifaceted project by redesigning the Blueprint identity. We were asked to keep some of the older elements. We updated the identity and included all of the components to create a unified mark that could be used to identify Blueprint easily.

By choosing a color palette and imagery that was more appealing to children and teachers, we made the  product immediately more appealing and it attracted more interest at educational shows and from schools.

Blueprint for Literacy is a pre-kindergarten curriculum that needed to be refreshed to better compete in the market place. The identity is part of a larger project which encompasses: the Blueprint identity, packaging, ten guidance books, brochures and leaflets. Visit the Stories section to learn more about the work we do for CLI.

Client: Children’s Literacy Initiative (CLI) – is a non-profit that provides training and coaching to teachers and administrators and quality children’s books to classrooms.

Linda Katz, CEO, Children’s Literacy Initiative

“21xdesign produced a product that could compete in design with any top publisher in the country. They worked with us to get it the way we wanted, and they were always accommodating and fun to work with.”