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Website: Yadkin Valley Visitors Center

This website was designed to be used with interactive kiosks for Yadkin Valley.









Yadkin Valley Chamber of Commerce
& Visitors Center

21xdesign worked with Merje Design as part of the team that helped develop this project which included environmental design, branding and marketing materials. We were responsible for the interactive components of this project, specifically the website and kiosk Installation.

One of the key features of the website is the ability of the user to create custom destination routes. The client wanted users to have this ability so we built in a way to map out possible destination points within this broad 250 mile plus area. When selected, the color coded navigation links to points on the map, in a series of different ways. Viewers have the option to select and deselect multiple features across the 7 navigation lists and by so doing create their own personal guide through the area.