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Website: Beyonder

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Flying Nightbear Games

Promotional Website

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Flying Nightbear Games (FNBG)  needed a website to promote their new role-playing game (RPG), Beyonder. This tabletop RPG encourages players to use their imaginations as a group to tell a story. Illustration is heavily featured throughout the project, which informed the general feel of the site.

The site makes use of some newer features of CSS3 and HTML5, including custom font integration.

21xdesign created the identities for Beyonder and its parent company FNBG. We've also designed two books to accompany the game; the Bestiary and the Rulebook. Along with that we've designed posters, t-shirts, and various marketing material. To read more about the books, check out the posts here & here.

Client: Flying Nightbear Games
Design & Programming: 21xdesign
Illustrations: Rob Rey