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Promotional Material: Mcor Technologies

Take a look at some of the promotional material we created for Mcor Technologies.

Promotional Material for Mcor Technologies

An integral part to any branding system is of course, all the additional elements that need to be designed and implemented that make the system whole. Creating a dynamic brand means paying attention to all the details and our brand design for Mcor is no exception to this rule.

Shown above are some of the additional elements we created for their branding such as informational printed materials, signage for the Mcor vehicles, and a fun design for their T-shirts which was later used as part of their exhibit design.

These elements are part of the overall branding we developed for them which encompasses:  website design and development, which utilizes Wordpress for its CMS. We also created a number of exhibit designs for Mcor for use in their trade shows both in Europe and the US.

Visit the Stories section to learn more about the work we do for Mcor.

Client: Mcor Technologies, based in Ireland, is an innovative manufacturer of the world’s most affordable, full-colour and eco-friendly 3D printers.