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Magazine: Lankenau Leaders

This tri-annual publication focuses on Lankenau’s excellence in care, research, and education.

Lankenau Leaders Magazine

Client: Lankenau Medical Center (Main Line Health) is a hospital dedicated to patient care, research and education.

This tri-annual publication focuses on Lankenau’s excellence in patient care, research, and education. We pay great attention to gathering images on a regular basis, of the hospital community. These images are used to compliment the stories that are featured in each issue. We believe strongly in focusing on the strengths of the hospital and the people of Lankenau Medical Center are it’s heart and soul.

Michael Criscuolo, Associate Director of Development,
Lankenau Hospital Foundation

“When I first met with 21xdesign, I explained my concept of wanting to create Lankenau Leaders magazine. They took my vision and my words and created a design template that accentuates the strengths of what we do as fundraisers and storytellers. What 21x has created – as well as other Lankenau and Main Line Health publications over the years – truly conveys the vibrancy and individuality of each campus – the very personality of the Medical Center.”