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Website: Jones Family Farms

Jones Family Farm needed a site for their farm that would allow them to add new content.









Jones Family Farms

Website Design and Development

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Jones Famly Farms was frustrated with their existing website. Its lack of functionality and its visual portrayal of their farm and business was a problem for them. They asked us to redesign their site and let the character of the farm show through. They also wanted the new site to allow them to manage the content throughout. Now they can, for example, control classes and event listings, as well as update important information on a regular basis. The site is also tied into various social networks which Jones now manages on a daily basis. Online traffic, as well as foot traffic, has increased tremendously since the launch of the redesign, and has continued to grow each year since. 21xdesign worked in collaboration with 4× to develop the site using Drupal, for its content managememt. We believe that working in collaboration with many people with various areas of expertise, enables us to offer our clients the best solutions possible for their design needs.

Client: Jones Family Farms, is a 150 year old farm in Conneticut. It is open to the public almost year-round and provides harvest-your-own picking experiences, including Christmas trees. It also has a winery and extensive farm-style cooking classes.