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Book: Imbelnhi’s Bestiary

Imbelnhi’s Bestiary illustrates a compendium of creatures that inhabit the fictional world of Tamarra for the role playing game of Beyonder from FNB Games.


Imbelnhi’s Bestiary, illustrates a compendium of creatures that inhabit the fictional world of Tamarra. Game enthusiasts and players of the role playing game “Beyonder”, will collect this book with great interest. As a newly released game it was important that the book should stand out visually to compete in this market.

Since this book is set in the past, we wanted to give the book a flavor of the period described in the narrative. We felt it should have an aged but honored sense about its presentation. Close attention was paid to all details to enhance the feeling of an ancient world. From the original map created by FNB, we illustrated the world of Tammarra to bring it to life.

This book is one of the focal points of the overall branding of the Beyonder role playing game. We have also designed the Flying Night Bear Games (the parent company) brand, along with the identities for both books: Imbelhnis Bestiary and Beyonder, the Science of the Six.

Other materials we have created to this point for this product are 3 in 1 website, book bands, posters, cards, a kickstarter site and mini-games booklets. This book has been awarded a Silver by Graphis International Design Annual. Check it out here.  The Websites have won multiple awards from Horizon Interactive and by Graphis International Design Annual. See the site here:

DIMENSIONS: 8.75x11.5″  Hardcover | PAGE COUNT: 192

PUBLISHER: Flying Nightbear Games