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Website & Leaflet: Hortulus Farm

Hortulus Farm & Gardens wanted a website and a guide that visitors could tour the grounds with.

Hortulus Farm

Leaflet & Website Design & Development

The pastoral vistas that make up the Hortulus Farm & Nursery in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, mark the site for the wonderfully restored garden and historic buildings.

21xdesign was commissioned by Hortulus to create a dynamic website for potential visitors as well as create an accompanying printed piece that visitors could use as they tour the grounds.

Amongst the varied information that visitors to the site can enjoy about Hortulus Farm, is a detailed preview of the grounds they can view by navigating through an interactive map with notes.

Jack Staub, Owner of Hortulus Farm

“We’ve worked with Dermot and Patricia and their team for almost ten years now and they have helped us build both our public profile and business in countless ways by crafting our indentity in all media: web, brochures, advertising, etc. they have been unfailingly creative, responsive, timely, and understanding, and we look at them as partners in our mission. We cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Map Illustration: Alex Forbes represented by Leyden Diversified