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Manual, CD, DVD: Message Time Plus

We created an interactive CD, DVD and manual for the CLI program, Message Time Plus.

Message Time Plus

An Instructional Book, CD and DVD

Client: Children’s Literacy Initiative (CLI) – is a non-profit organization that provides early childhood literacy training and coaching to teachers and administrators and quality children’s books to classrooms.

The Project: We created an interactive CD, DVD and instructional book for the early childhood reading program Messagetime Plus.  The task was to make very detailed instruction, very easy to understand and follow. We worked with word, still image and video to accomplish this. Visit the Stories section to learn more about the work we do for CLI.

Gwynne S. Scheffer, Children’s Literacy Initiative

“What quickly became very clear was that 21xdesign actually offered much more than we could ever have thought of. They were active thinkers in how we could create the product in such a way that it would have a lasting impact. Once the project commenced, they were true to their word. 21xdesign demonstrated great attention to customer satisfaction, assistance in the concept and creative development of the project, and strived to stay within timelines and budget. Their creative ideas, powerful designs, and wonderful demos served to enhance the project’s content and process. They were not afraid to confront us with the limitations of some of our views and actively helped us to expand our thinking to truly place the technology in the framework of ‘a tool to support instruction,’ not a tool as instruction. Their attention to detail eventually created a product that has received only positive feedback from those who have interacted with it.”