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Posters for Social Change

  • 1/10 - Parkland poster
  • 2/10 - Orlando poster
  • 3/10 - Sandyhook poster
  • 4/10 - Charleston poster
  • 5/10 - Turkey Istanbul Ataturk poster
  • 6/10 - Paris Bataclan poster
  • 7/10 - San Bernardino poster
  • 8/10 - Register to vote poster
  • 9/10 - The Hurricane Poster project
  • 10/10 - NORA Poster project

Posters for Social Change

1 Parkland
2 Orlando
3 Sandyhook
4. Neveragain

Many of these posters were created in response to tragedies, to bring attention to the public, the recurring issue of gun control, and the role guns played in these tragic events. Regardless of the motive, guns are invariably involved in all mass shootings.

We used the ultimate US icon, the American flag. We added bullet holes to represent the victims in each mass shooting. We wanted the typography to be minimal and yet be a powerful reminder of both the aim of the poster, as well as the time and location of the tragedy.

The finished result are large format posters that speak directly to their specific tragedy, while also asking the fundamental question about gun control and how it relates to these events.