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Story: Flying Nightbear Games

The Client: Flying Nightbear Games

Flying Nightbear Games is a game company who have recently launched their new tabletop role-playing game (RPG) Beyonder. We've been working with FNBG for the past few years developing the branding for their company and for their new game. We have created their website and designed two books for Beyonder, as well as an array of marketing pieces that fit in with the game.


Flying Nightbear Games Logo: The FNB identity was formed from an existing drawing. We worked with an existing image gave it a more iconic fee

Beyonder Rulebook: We were asked to design a book that would stand out, get noticed and compete with other role playing games. Beyonder: Science of the Six, takes players into a world called Tamarra with illustrated pages of characters, maps and stories taking players deep into the history of this fantasy world. It also lays out the rules of the game.

Imbelnhi's Bestiary: Imbelnhi’s Bestiary illustrates a compendium of creatures that inhabit the fictional world of Tamarra. Game enthusiasts and players of the role playing game Beyonder will collect this book with great interest. As a newly released game in the marketplace it was important that the book should stand out visually to be competitive.

FNB Website: Flying Nightbear Games (FNBG) wanted a website to promote their product in a number of ways. We created a 4 part site that breaks down the different functions clearly: 1. fnbgames is about the Beyonder product, 2. Beyonder takes the viewer into the fantasy world of the game, 3. Builder allows players to build their own character, 4. Store is where purchases can be made. Each section is its own site and can be drilled into for a wealth of information.

Beyonder Posters: We were asked to design some promotional material for the game Beyonder game.