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Website: Delaware County Library System

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Delaware County Libraries Website

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The Delaware County Library System's original website was strangled with a glut of information and poor hierarchy. Although it contained s0me incredibly good information there was so much of it that you "couldn't see the wood for the trees". Our task was to create a fully responsive site that would allow breathing space for multiple kinds of  information they made available, yet have those resources easily navigable and easily understood. Simplifying complex information is something we're pretty good at and while this posed a challenge, we met it head-on. Visually, a visible-grid design layout presents different categories that simply guide visitors to various types of information. We consolidated a lot of the linked information from the old site into an e-Resource library where hundreds of links can be accessed through keyword categories listed down the side of the page. And to keep up with the Library Systems daily happenings, a calendar of events is featured on most pages. And to top it off, the website works on mobile and surface devices.

Client: Merje / Delaware County Libraries
Design: 21xdesign
Partners: Merje, Rock River Star

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