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Services: Branding • Print • Websites • Interactive Experiences

21xdesign is an award-winning studio that designs creative solutions for branding, printed material, websites, and interactive experiences.

Working from a deep foundation of design knowledge, and practice, our business is built on a  passion for our working closely with our clients to create the best design solutions for them and their products and services, which has translated into many long-term relationships with our clients. We believe that listening is critical, process is key, collaboration is vital and that design is a valuable contribution to the world of business, art and culture.

We simplify complex information to tell our client’s stories in clear, thoughtful designs that engage with their customers and followers in meaningful, and lasting ways. 

Simply put, we love design; it’s what we do.


Dermot Mac Cormack

Before co-founding 21xdesign with his wife Patricia in 1997, Dermot honed his skills in various design studios in Europe and Philadelphia. His passion for communicating visually through design and technology has helped 21xdesign to create lasting relationships with national and international clients. If ever there was a renaissance man this is him. As well as being a consummate designer and illustrator, Dermot has written several books, plays and short stories. He also loves to paint and thrives on music in all its forms. He is also is an avid reader, and pretty much devours books. Oh and did I mention he  is an associate professor in Graphic & Interactive Design at Tyler School of Art, Temple University, where he is also the chair of the department.

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Patricia McElroy

Patricia hates to admit to being a perfectionist, instead she pours that energy into her work. She grew her passion for design growing up in Ireland and Philadelphia. At 21xdesign she brought her experience to bare not only in the artistic side of things but in developing solid client relationships that continue to produce successful and fruitful results. She also has an insatiable interest in art of many forms. It’s a good job that she shares Dermot’s interests in the eclectic! Patricia is also a photographer and is seldom without a camera to capture the next image that is always coming her way.